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Explore new depths of comunication, sexuality and love making

Relationships play a very significant role in our lives. Love relationships touch the deepest parts of our being and they often represent one of the most important experiences of our lives. Almost everyone dreams of a longterm fulfilled relationship full of passion and deep intimacy, but life experiences show that it is not easy at all to achieve this.

This course offers the possibility to find clarity on many levels of your relationship, to find out what its dynamics are and how to work with them, to look at the couple intimacy and sexuality under the guidance of Lucie Chaya and Swami Anahata  and finally to bring more consciousness into the relationship.

THE ALCHEMY OF LOVE couples retreat is designed for couples who want to  explore more/ discover again the sexual energy and attraction which brought the couple together. It is a unique opportunity for creating the time for you and your partner with the single intent: to explore and reach new depths of communication, sexuality and love-making.

You are going to connect on the emotional, sexual and spiritual levels in a supporting atmosphere of trust, respect and safety. You are going to share this experience in a smaller group of couples who want to learn, same as you, how to  let their intimacy grow and blossom in a relationship.

This seven day retreat is a perfect  mixture of techniques of ancient tantric teachings, shamanism and western world research in the area of sexuality and relationships. Lucie Chaya and Swami Anahata are going to use the best they know; their goal is to offer you various creative ways to explore each other and your relationship and ways to feel even more joyous in it. They are going to introduce techniques leading you to deep intimacy.  They are going to guide you through ancient tantric rituals, partner massages and meditations. They will provide you with a deeper insight into the inner world of your partnership and they will offer you a new perspective to see your partner's needs and wishes.

the origine of this seminar

The seminar is lead by experienced lectors  Lucie Chaya and Swami Anahata. They both have a strong personal magnetism, the ability to energetically channel and the skill to hold a very safe space in which much healing happens and the consciousness of the participants expands.  They are both experienced with working with couples.

Last year they started to share their gifts and experiences with couples and lead them on their way of partnership in an alchemical connection of their essence and in a safe space filled with integrity.

The course is designed for heterosexual couples. A special consideration is given to the safety of space for each couple and their support. The couples are going to practice the intimate techniques within the couple only and in the privacy and comfort of their bedroom with their own bathroom.

Kdo je Swami Anahata

Swami Anahata is a talented, intuitive and passionate sexuality and tantra teacher.  His seminars lead the participants into discovering and experiencing their full potential.

He has devoted the last 20 years to his own growth and self-discovery through tantra and other holistic practices. His current work combines practical teaching with spiritual praxis and is firmly anchored in the teachings of Osho.

Anahata merges eastern mysticism with western therapy in a way that makes his message accessible and comprehensible all over the world. His magnetic presence is a convincing prove of his ability to direct his own energy: physical, emotional and sexual, and makes him an inspiration for those who want to become the masters of their own energy.

His approach arouses trust and his ascended consciousness ignites the fire of awakening in his students.  His programmes are designed for individuals, couples or men.

He created a four part training for men focusing on awakening their masculinity so that they can take their space in modern society with no guilt or shame from the past.

Kdo je Lucie Chaya

Lucie Chaya intuitively connects tantra, shamanism and quantum meditation in her work and she embodies the bridge between western and eastern teachings. She has rich experience in the field of working with intimacy and intimate massage.With her weeklong experiential seminars Modern curandera 1-4, she helps women to remember their feminine potential, the wisdom of their inner curanderas and to use it fully in their everyday lives. The seminars have already changed the lives of hundreds of women.

She brought the wisdom of the Andean tradition into Bohemia through her translation of Mamani’s books  Curandera, Snake woman and The story of a shaman and she organises courses with Andean shamans of the  Q’Ero tribe and Roberto Sarti, who she forms a balanced working team with able to pass the Andean tradition on in a very effective and comprehensible way to the western culture. She organises pilgrimages to Peru and Sacred Sardinia.

She graduated in Italian studies at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University Prag and she worked as a journalist for ten years specialising in Italy for main Czech press media, radio and television. She has an adult sun and lives partly in Bohemia and Sardinia which is her second home.

Více o kurzu:

In this course for couples you will get a completely new view of love, partnership, sexuality and also its function in a relationship. 

It is only up to us if in our partnership we are going to learn through IN-spiration (joy) or DE-speration (despair and pain). Both paths work and bring their fruits, but the first path is definitely more joyful.

Partnership could be understood also as a chance for an alchemical transmutation, as a way to heal emotional wounds, but also as an opportunity for a complete capitulation of the ego leading to wisdom, humility, personal integrity and unconditional love and happiness.

Experiential seminar using techniques of tantra, shamanism and new neurosciences,  where together we are going to :

  • Experience opening the heart and cultivating the senses and expanded consciousness
  • Learn to receive and give consciously, respect our boundaries and the boundaries of our partner; working with manipulation
  • Be clear and open in communication and still not hurt our partner with our communication within the possibilities.
  • To recognise the needs of our body and soul, to work with the energetics of the body
  • To receive a completely new perception of our genitals and their interaction; a new view on the male female energy exchange.
  • To explore male female polarity in theory and praxis.
  • To explore the ecstatic energy we have access to in every moment when we are really present.
  • To deepen the partner intimacy and rising the capabilities of being fully present in every moment here and now.

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